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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> eric: a good boy. do "the five" with me. >> bob: "the five." >> andrea: see how we came together? >> eric: see you tomorrow night. stay here with fox. the latest on the debt debate and the votes coming up later tonight. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> bret: it's not over yet. the debt ceiling bill still has to pass the house and the senate along sticking points of cuts and spending limit. we effect the -- discuss the effect on the market here in the u.s. and around the world. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. instead of waving their hands in victory, many lawmakers in washington are holding their noses, a as they prepare to vote for the compromise debt ceiling bill agreed to sunday. many others, however, are vowing to fight the packal of spending cuts and bar rowing authority. we have fox team coverage tonight ahead of the vote. ed henry reports on how the deal is sitting with the
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president's friends on the left. but we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel who tells us where we are in the voting process right now. mike? >> reporter: bret, good evening. a lot of discussion on capitol hill. lawmakers sounding off on what they don't like about the bipartisan debt compromise. the house is due to vote first this evening, speaker boehner made it clear it's not just on his shoulders to deliver the votes to pass it. >> this is an agreement between the bipartisan leaders of the congress and the president of the united states. >> vice president biden on capitol hill spent 2-1/2 hours speaking to upset house democrats, unhappy with the spending cut in debt compromise. >> i didn't go to convince. i went to explain and lay out exactly how we got to where we were and why this is so important for the country. my career up here after 36 years i never ask another perp to vote against what they have interest on. i was confident my sense, i
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was treated well. my sense is that they expressed all of their frustration. which i would be frustrated if i was there as well. >> reporter: not just liberals that are unhappy. so are conservatives. the house republican leaders argue while not perfect, this is a major step in the right direction. >> this gets us two-third of the cut in the discretion their spending we are looking for in the budget. we got 100% of the discretionary cuts we were looking for? no, we got two-third. that is better than zero. >> reporter: the debt plan includes $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years. debt ceiling increase of $2.4 trillion to get to early 2013. spending cut of roughly $1 trillion up front. special congressional committee to recommend savings of $1.45 trillion to max the debt ceiling increase. the committee must make recommendation before thanksgiving recess. if congress does not approve the cuts by late december, out maltic across-the-board cut go in effect including defense and medicare. i would also include vote on
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the balanced budget amendment. >> arrest gent in arms will restore order. >> reporter: 20 people were arrested for disrupting the house floor, angry about the spending cuts. nancy pelosi says she will vote yes but is not asking other democratic members to support it. once through the house, the senate will vote. leaders are expressing confidence in the end they'll have the votes but it will be close. >> this legislation is typical for compromised legislation. neither side got what they wanted. but it's the essence of compromise. >> i am a no definite no. light having a patient with sue moania and you treat him with tylenol and cough suppress sant. >> reporter: assuming it passes the house, the aides say it's likely the senate will vote tomorrow.
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it's giving them a chance to read it and talk about it. >> bret: are we clear or do we think that most legislators, lawmakers read the legislation? >> that is not entirely clear. it's up to the lawmaker. but we have been asking details about the plan. >> bret: but it posted this morning? >> reporter: absolutely. >> bret: thank you. perhaps no one is streaming more loudly than the liberal contingency. we'll see what they are screaming about and the deep divide on taxes. >> reporter: a big selling point from the white house about the deal it takes away the uncertainty that the business leaders have about default. business leaders want uncernty about taxes but right now there is a lot of confusion about how the deal affects them. >> the reaction is fast and furious.
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>> no balance and no revenues. god forbid we'd ask job creators the millionaires and billionaires to pay anything. toward further supporting our country. >> the president says he doesn't love it either. he wanted tax on the table in round one of the debt battle. >> is this the deal i would have preferred? no. i believe we could have made the tough choices required on entitlement reform and tax reform right now, rather through special exe process. >> he claims the special committee will tackle taxes in round two. >> in this stage, everything will be on the table. >> republican leaders insist unemployment over 9% the special committee which has to present a plan by thanksgiving will not offer the tax increases on the eve of the 2012 election. >> with so many people out of work and middle class hoping for more jobs the last thing we need right now are tax
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hikes. >> top democrats privately warn if the g.o.p. leaders keep taxes off the table, it will mean deeper cut to popular programs like medicare or the pentagon to reach the bipartisan target of 1.5 trillion in deficit reduction. the white house officials say it may be tough to raise tax rate but it's possible to get support for raising tax revenue. >> they are limiting itemized deduction for high income earners, as the president called for, they can do that. >> reporter: grover norquist is mobilizing to stop tax changes. >> it's a fig leaf that the president and the people are using because of the unhappiness from the extreme left. >> reporter: breaking this hour, fox knew confirmed with a seep your democrat official that meeting, private meeting with house democrats earlier today vice president biden said he believes some tea party republicans acted like terrorists, adoring the debt
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talks. we're told it happened because the meeting grew heated. mike doyle of pennsylvania, first reported by politico was really railing against the tea party republicans. the senior democratic official stressed to me that the vice president said this and made the comment to move the conversation along and stress to democrats "we got a lot out of deal despite threats from the tea party." now we hear that milpitas demins heading to the floor to fire back. >> bret: milpita minute jim demt arrived. let's listen. >> we saw all americans unite from all spectrum of politics to come together for tea party rally and town halls. they were concerned about the country, the spending, borrowing and the debt.
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in the group were liberals, independents, republicans, democrats. people with all political beliefs knew intutively, instinctively in their gut we couldn't keep spending more than we were bringing in washington without bankrupting our country. i joined a lot of the groups and they were hardly radical people. common sense americans from all walks of life. who were concerned about what we did in washington. we saw people ignore what is going on. across the country, republicans and democrats were listening to what they were saying. they made strong commitments if they were elected to the house or senate they would come to get control of the spending and the borrowing and the debt. >> bret: senator jim demint on the senate floor.
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ed henry you were just talking about it. he is responding to vice president biden, we're told. we'll continue that and monitor that and bring it to you later. thank you. manufacturerring in the u.s. has fall on the the weakest level in two years and that report sent stocks downward. despite the deal on the debt creeling the dow recovered to lose 11 points on the day. s&p 500 dropped 5. nasdaq gave back 12. let's get perspective on what it means. the fox business anchor and host of "varney and company" stuart varney is here with details. good evening. >> the market so far, they took a dip due to manufacturerring but so far the reaction? >> here is where we stand. the economy is weakening. we may be on the version of another recession. this new debt deal adds $7 trillion to our outstanding national debt in the next ten years. adds $7 trillion.
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because of that, we face the possibility of a downgrade. together, a possible reception and probable downgrade. and more debt. add it up and they're negative for investors. we start out for the upside. stocks went higher. but in came the negative and the stock market moved south. a big enough collection of negatives to outweight the relief we have a debt deal on the horizon. >> bret: international market react favorably. >> they did at first. at first they were up. then came news of the manufacturerring that brought with it the possibility of recession around the corner in america. down went the american stock
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market. another international reaction. a great deal of hot money from europe poured in to america late in the day. that came in and lowered our interest rates. the interest rates in america today went crashing down, the opposite of what was expected. the means you can expect your mortgage rate to come down in the very near future. >> last thing. do you believe that the credit rating will downgrade is going to happen especially if the deal gets through, even if in the optimistic terms it's $2.4 trillion let's say in cu cuts. >> it looks likely we will be downgraded by standard & poor's for two reasons. number one, we don't meet the $4 trillion standard, that standard & poor's established to avoid a downgrade. we're not going to cut $4 trillion. we haven't met that number. we have not demonstrated that
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we can get the entitlement programs under control. and therefore our long-term debt under control. those are the two criteria to meet to avoid downgrade. we have not met them. >> bret: as always, thank you. we'll talk about another financial arrangement between the secret service and top government official that is later in the grapevine. first, two potential stumbling blocks for a debt deal have been defense and medicare cuts. we'll explain. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. ti cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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and showing them that math and science are exciting... it's why i teach. ♪ i know they can, even when they think they can't. >> bret: looking live on house floor. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she is voting for debt deal but she is not happy about it. >> the public market as to whether this would happen. we never had people around the boardroom tables all wondering if we especially knew the consequences of our inaction. i am more concerned about the
6:16 pm
kitchen table, because this delay and uncernty has a tremendous impact on perk's families as they sit around. >> bret: we'll monitor that and bring you more with the panel. a lot of people are unhappy how it could affect the national defense. national security correspondent jennifer griffin look at numbers that provided some trouble for the bill. the bill's opponents argue severe cuts could mean problems for the country. >> reporter: the compromise bill calls for $boo billion to be cut from defense spending over the next decade. if the group of 12 doesn't come up with a plan by thanksgiving, at that point the punishment would be $500 billion in defense cuts over a decade. a trigger provision inserted by the democrats. >> we are spending $130 billion a year in iraq and gans. this is only half the money we are spending in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: the white house tried to distance the commanderer in chief from cuts demanded by his own party.
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>> the president has not called for and would not support these cuts in defense spending. he believes that opinion will be shared broadly by members of congress. and for that reason we won't get there. the trilogyer won't be pulled. >> the mill their is showing signs of anxiety. the chairman of the joints chief was asked by troops in afghanistan if they would get paid if the debt ceiling weren't raised. house armed services chairman buck mckeon carries in his breast pocket a card showing how the military has throng since 1990. they used to have 76 brigades and now it has 45. the navy had 546 ships, now it has 288. air force fighter squadrons, 82. now there are 39. strategic bombers, half. >> if you look out and project it ten years in the last year-and-a-half we have cut
6:18 pm
$39 billion. >> reporter: some argue not all federal money are created equal. >> dollars well spent on defense are qualitatively different and far more important to the long-term security of the united states that almost anything else the federal government does. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the house armed services chairman republican buck mckeon said he will vote for the bill despite deep reservations. bret? >> bret: he is joining a growing a club. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. while the right is worried about the pentagon, many on the left feel medicare is endangered. chief washington correspondent jim angle. >> on the nondefense side, biggest single target is medicare, also the biggest source of the future deficit spending. >> medicare is where the money really is. the republicans felt strongly that they needed to see some cuts to the medicare program. >> medicare has tens of trillions of deficit spending built into it. president obama and the white house incyst any cut to medicare be taken from
6:19 pm
providers such as doctors and hospitals, not beneficiaries. >> the cuts are cap and limited to the provider side. >> but the problem is providers are already facing cuts. right now congress has a 30% cut for physician payment. for doctors which is supposed to take place in 2012. >> congress usually fixing that at the last minute but the president's new healthcare law adds more cuts to providers. medicare is going to experience over half a trillion dollars worth of cuts to doctor, hospitals, clinics, home health agencies and hos space care. >> reporter: which medicare officials say will make many hospitals unprofitable. >> to the point where 15% of them will be operating in the red. over time, that actually grows to about 25%. >> this new budget deal could potentially add a little bit more hurt to an industry that feels that it has been cut
6:20 pm
enough. >> the white house says they aim to spare beneficiaries, many don't buy it, including liberal democrats. >> we're going to cut from the provideer the hospitals and think it won't impact op patient quality and patient care? >> reporter: analysts agree with baby boomers retiring and a doctor shortage looming and say the cut to provider will translate to limit of access for seniors. >> they will have a hard time making an appointment or seeing a specialist. >> reporter: white house didn't want to be seen as taking things from seniors. it could be a problem for this deal and future deficits because there is no way to cut future debt without raping in unfunded cost of medicare. >> bret: thank you. still ahead with the republican presidential candidates think of the debt ceiling agreement. thinking of that, the house is preparing any moment to start the voting series, the series of vote that leads up to the final debt ceiling increase vote. we expect it close to the top
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>> bret: a fox news alert. we're waiting a house vote on the debt ceiling compromise. right now, as you look live on the floor, representative paul ryan, let's listen in for a minute for this. >> on how to address the, i but we're coming up to a deadline we all must recognize, default. what this has done is brought our parties together. i'd like to take a second and reflect the fact we have a bipartisan compromise here.
6:25 pm
it doesn't happen often around here so it's worth noting that is a good thing. first, as my colleague from texas has said, this is down payment on the problem. this is a good step in the right direction. a huge cultural change to the institution. >> bret: representative paul ryan at one time many thought he was going to run for president. he says he is not. what do people who want to replace president obama think of the deal? chief political correspondent carl cameron has that part of the story. >> mitt romney doggedly refused to take a position for week option the debt deal, incysting he first see the time fine print. under fire for given decision, he issued a written statement opposing the compromise saying it opens the door to higher taxes and puts defense cut on the table. while i appreciate the president obama lack of
6:26 pm
leadership placed congress in, i personally can not support the deal. romney was quiet and came out against the deal at the end, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann chair of the house tea party caucus has been a loud and staunch opponent of any debt increase. >> i can't do it. i won't give my vote. i think the american people are tired of this and they doubt that congress is going to do what they need to do; that is, cut spending. >> reporter: on the other end of the g.o.p. spectrum is jon huntsman who is way back in the polls. he pushed hard for a compromise to avoid deup at the and dismissed bachmann and ron paul as irresponsible for saying they will vote against the debt deal. >> some are in favor of crash and burn. that's not a policy. >> reripped mitt romney. >> the dodge the debate, i don't consider that leadership. >> romney got slapped by the former white house aide bill burton who runs the political action committee dedicated to re-electing president obama. at best his capitulation is phony concession to the extremist member of the
6:27 pm
republican party, though he claims is support "cut, cap and balance," romney's real position is better designed as wait, waffle and wimp-out." tim pawlenty wanted something stronger than "cut, cap and balance," the more conservative g.o.p. house passed bill. nobody is happy about the deal. pawlenty summed it up complaining while the government is expected to narrowly avoid default it agrees to go further in debt and doing it will to reform an unsustainable spending system. in washington, carl cameron, fox news. >> bret: we're awaiting the house to start the vote on the time debt deal, as you look live now. they have started the series of votes. the first vote is a test vote. happening right now. called the call of the house. the second vote is the final debt deal. that is the one we will watch closely as everyone will. stay with us here. expanded panel about the whole deal after the break. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, low cost investing doesn't just mean a low price.
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>> bret: you are looking live at the house floor. this is the beginning of a vote sequence. this is what is called call of the house. semily making sure everyone is around, what is called a bed check up there on the house floor. this first vote is nothing to watch. the second vote is the debt ceiling increase vote. this is the compromise deal. it will begin in about 18 minutes. give or take.
6:32 pm
after a big day of back-and back-and-forth. >> this is not just an agreement between president and myself, this is between the bipartisan agreement of congress and the president of the united states. all the leaders have a responsibility because they signed off on the agreement to bring sufficient votes to make sure it passes. >> what they want to know, ask questions about the proposed legislation. the proposed legislation. i thought it was a good meeting. i feel confident that this will pass. >> bret: vice president biden after a meeting with house democrats. apparently got heated in there. at one point he called the tea party members terrorists. in response to some heated question, according to the white house. let's bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with "the hill." a.b. stoddard, associate editor of "the hill."
6:33 pm
and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you said you know it's a big night of importance when the panel expands. >> absolutely. all of america trembles. if there is a fifth, it's the apocalypse. >> bret: your thoughts? >> i think since the boehner proposal passed in the house thursday night after all the craziness it was clear we would not have a default. we would have an agreement. we now have it no question it passes in the two houses. it gets signed in a week we worry what the insanity was about. i don't think there was a tremendously high chance of default or breaching the debt ceiling. once boehner had control of his house, it was a done deal. i expect that in an hour it will be done in the house. interesting to see how many republicans will go against the leadership, how many democrats will oppose it on the left. there will be a tradeoff. either side wants to protect
6:34 pm
its wing and we'll see how it works out. >> bret: a.b., explain it for people at home. the republicans are telling the democrats we really need you here, because the more democrats vote for the bill, the more republicans can be left off. voting for the bill. they could vote no. >> right. so what happens is that the votes start to come off on the board and they start to look at the membership in each caucus as the ones who are the most opposed and they try to give some of those people a pass. and they have the names op a list in their pocket. they, it ends up being a tradeoff. this is a situation where the democrats are saying to the republicans that this is their stink i can deal and they don't like it. the republicans are saying it's your president still. it's what your president wan wanted. symp grumpy. they are watching to see, you will see looking up at the board and negotiating up to the last minute and it will remain fluid until the last
6:35 pm
minute. the leadership want, there are certain people they want to let off the hook, and that exists op both sides. >> bret: as we look at details of the deal, i think we have the full sweep that lists all of the bullet poin points, increases debt limit by $2.1 to $2.3 trillion in three steps. then through is a joint committee to find $1.5 trillion more in cuts. we have don't know what it look like yet. but if they can't do that, $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts goes into effect. half are defense cuts. the other half across the board, including the medicare provider cuts. also congress will vote on a balanced budget amendment in the case. as you look at the details crammed in the graphic there are problems op both sides. >> i think there are bigger problems from the left perspective. the left feels that you have to hold medicare.
6:36 pm
you should not be playing with that as long as you don't have more burden on those paying more taxes. you could have serious cuts to nursing home where the seniors go when they are near death. >> bret: that is if the committee can't get the job done. >> this is the trigger. that is what we talk about for a few weeks. dr. krauthammer thinks that everything rest on boehner theatrics on thursday. boehner, you can see him today this is a deal, a bipartisan deal. paul ryan saying it's bipartisan deal. that is a tip-off that nobody wants finger prints near this thing. some other leader did this. i happen to pass by. that medicare is on the table is upsetting to people. why are you putting entitlements out there without compensation in terms of a risk of a tax increase. >> bret: republicans, steve, could say the same thing. half of it is defense cut.
6:37 pm
half. $540 billion. that is a disincentive for the exe to not get the job done. >> i argue in spite of juan's argument about medicare, the kind of medicare cut that democrats are more likely to accept than reject makes some nervous about the possible pulling the trigger. obama wanted to squeeze money out of the provider side of medicare. what republicans argue for, paul ryan and others is to reform medicare in a way that would change the insensitive of the program. probably the effect would be sweeping beneficiary. squeezing providers is something that may not be enough to dissuade democrats on the committee if it gets to this point to oppose it and not let it go to trigger. that worries republicans precisely because defense cuts are 50%.
6:38 pm
that could be, that would be gutting the u.s. military. >> bret: i should point out, i am getting word from well-placed sources that the republicans have a majority of their caucus, they are ready to vote for this. this could be brinksmanship, ab about the democrats looking to see if the majority of democrats support it. if they don't think the majority of democrats will support, they may go to reces recess. says this one source. that could be exactly what we're talking about. >> yes, that is right. this is not, this is not -- like i said, what juan said. all this talk of bipartisanship is really, it's your hot potato, no it's your hot potato at this point. a lot of times you look up and see the tally. once it gets to 218, off luxury of voting no. they want to split who the people are. they have people to relieve. each leadership has their pe
6:39 pm
pets. there are people they don't want to relieve. a tough night, the liberals are unhappy. not a lot for democrats to like in this. they're just being asked to hold their nose. they don't want to volt yes to let a tea party republican who is slapping john boehner on the back off the hook to vote no. >> bret: charles? >> it's not going to change the final outcome, you might have a hiccup. but this is last-minute maneuvering. because congress abolished the extras, the favors, the courthouses and the dams and the libraries, that you can give away in the past, by taking away these kind of benefits, what do you offer? i'll let you off the hook on this. >> bret: excuse me, charles. this is vice president biden's arrival on capitol hill. this is the vice president's motorcade. coming in to the capital. he spent time up there today.
6:40 pm
only a heated meeting. as we see his car arrive we assume he will be there in place to see the house vote up there. we don't expect trish turner is reporting that the senate will vote tonight. we have expect the senate vote tomorrow. but she says that is not 100%. as many things we have been talking about here are not 100%. charles, we will come back with your thoughts about the politics, of all of this. and about where we head from here, as we are waiting. can i get another live look at the house floor in this vote is finishing up. outside the capital. the vote is finishing up on the quorum call and checking if everyone is there. we'll get in the real vote 8 to 10 minutes from now. keep it here on fox news channel on "special report."
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certainly say to the miles per hour people, the chances of any kind of tax increase passing with this, with the appointees that john boehner and i are going to put on there, are pretty low. in addition to that, let's assume they did. it would have to pass the house and the senate. i don't think the house of representatives would pass a tax increase. >> the suggestion that it's impossible for the joint committee to raise tax revenue is simply not accurate. it's false. it is certainly our expectation that the product will include revenue as well as other area of finding deficit reduction. >> bret: the back and forth about the joint committee. ready to get confused? look at the flowchart. these are cuts, the debt hike, cuts $919 billion now. and then $1.5 trillion is for the joint committee. if they can't get the cuts you will see it down there automatic cut goes into effect, $1.2 trillion in the balanced budget amendment. i'm not even going to confuse you with the flow chart. i'll bring in the panel. charles, the back and forth
6:45 pm
today was about whether the joint committee has semily the power and can really raise taxes. >> well, mcconnell and carney are both right. in theory, which is carney, it can do anything it wants. it can propose a tax on green cheese. it can propose anything. la mcconnell is saying it won't happen because i appoint three guys or women on the committee, bane appoints three -- >> bret: yeah, three, three, three. >> and there is no way in hell we'll allow anybody to be other than a fund me tallist on taxes. so it is not going to happen. i think it's probably true. i think it's rather a pity. one thing that you could get out of this committee, i'm not one of those who thinks it has no chance of delivering, so i mean, it could actually pass, in the house or senate. it could do real tax reform that ought to be good for the left and the right. reagan did it.
6:46 pm
some structural entitlement reform. unlike in medicare now that is squeezing doctor and changing the retirement age slightly. it's possible. >> bret: charles, you are saying if the appointment is that important you are back to square one budding heads and you are not going to get anything out, which makes the triggers and the mechanism that is in place pretty important because it's highly doubtful that the joint committee could succeed. >> which is why i hope that the six appointees on either side will at least be open to tax reform which allows some raising of revenues but something that would be likely '86 tax reform to benefit growth and fairness. >> juan? >> well, i am slighted to hear charles say he is for raising revenue. that is a big deal here. are you negotiating in good faith? really, all we're back to is
6:47 pm
budding heads and we'll be in the middle of the christmas is and it will be the grinch who stole christmas and the analogies will pop up in the papers because people will be back to this same kind of -- >> bret: juan, a live look at the speaker of the house, as he makes his walk from statuary hall through the will rogers hallway to the house floor. listen in. now wasn't that exciting? [ laughter ] that was an exciting moment in television. sorry. finish your thought. >> that's all right. i was struck reading the "wall street journal" editorial page, reading the "new york times" editorial page, right and left. both use an analogy of hostage taking going on, on capitol hill. >> bret: the vice president said tea party. >> that's what we heard from the vice president in a heated meeting as you described it with fellow democrats who i think are still very much of a mind that president obama has
6:48 pm
not stood up and waged a good fight here. >> what a disgrace for the vice president of the united states talk about the tea party americans, tea party members of congress to rein in spending, the message and that is why they came here. they made pledges to their constituents and they are following through on the pledges and the vice president calls them terrorists? remember after the gabrielle giffords shooting president obama said we should use words that heal, not words that hurt. now his vice president is talking about terrorists. i think it's a joke. i disagree with charles, i agree with him halfway. tax reform is one thing. itch want mitch mcconnell and john boehner to put people on the committee who are going to be the most conservative people they can think of who will fight tooth and nail against any kind of real tax hike. that is the last thing we need right now for all the reasons that republicans argued for the past several months. >> how do you feel about closing loopholes and closing
6:49 pm
some of the deductions for your super rich pals? >> my super rich pals. juan, i don't want to hurt yo you. >> bret: before we get to corporate jets and other things, more with the panel after a quick break. we talk about the politics of this and what america thinks of all of this and this vote is pending. right now. stay with us. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> bret: looking live at the house floor. this, ladies and gentlemen, is the vote we've been waiting for. the vote on the debt ceiling deal, compromise bill we've been talking about for weeks. it is coming down to this right now. as you see the votes being tallied. this will be a is a-minute vote. then they will have obviously they will tally this. it could be 216 needed. it depends op how many member
6:53 pm
reconciliation on the floor, 419 members voted for the last quorum call vote. i understand the number is 216 for a win. back with the panel. a.b., if you were the house majority whip is this a nervous time for you as you are watching the board? >> again, they really know that ultimately, they will have enough democrats and republicans to get it out of house there is last-minute game playing as you said before, threat of going to recess and pretending they didn't have enough votes to get more democrats to come on board. it is going to work out and pass tonight. it's an anxious time because defense cut concern many republicans. it was very difficult aspect of this vote. there are senate candidates that can't vote for it, veterans, conservatives who feel it's not, it doesn't make structural changes to medicare. and social security and
6:54 pm
drivers of the debt, that it is a bill -- there are whole delegations watching out on the whet. tough vote but between the parties they will get what they need. >> bret: there is the vote happening live. i want to insert this. the voice president spokes pep just said the word acting like terrorists, the tea party members acting like terrorists was used by several members of congress. the vice president does not believe it's appropriate term in political discourse. walking back of that. in the poll we saw from "washington post" and pew research, negative is 72% from the american people. negative about what is going on. one word impression of the budget negotiations? as you look live at the vote, the one word impression that most people chose was ridiculous. second was disgusting. third was stupid. fourth was frustrated.
6:55 pm
>> , he was taken in the sausage factory and it's pretty ugly. i don't think it will have any impact a week or two or month or certainly not on election day in 2012 exactly how we got to the debt limit increase today. i think what -- [ inaudible ] >> bret: charles, this next you are jent gave me goosebumps. gabrielle giffords returned to washington to support a bipartisan bill and vote to prevent this economic crisis. she of course was shot in the head in tucson, arizona, and has rehabilitated herself. with the help of doctors and nurses, she is voting tonight. this vote, on extending the debt ceiling limit. that is powerful. >> i agree with you. goosebumps. democracy in action. and, you know, i think evidence of how deeply felt she, i think many people feel, we got to prevent the idea of
6:56 pm
economic catastrophe, but god bless america. we have to make sure our economic future is secure. her presence is a great demonstration of her commitment to american politics at this moment. tremendous story. >> bret: steve? >> yeah. i agree. pleasant surprise. caps off what has been a messy process. i think what we saw in "washington post" pew poll gets it right. people have been disgusted by the process. the tea party clearly won, you know, in this whole debate, by actually getting members of congress to focus on decreasing spending, the other part of their message i thought was so powerful -- >> bret: live shot, congress woman michele bachmann. obviously, she is running for president. she is a lot of focus outside the capital. we had a live shot. thought we'd put it up as she arrives. >> the second part of the message from the 2010 election in my view was message about process. message about how the
6:57 pm
healthcare bill was jammed through at the last minute when people didn't know what they were voting on. 2,000 pages people didn't understand. to a certain extent not to the degree we saw in the healthcare debate but a certain extent we have seen that replicated here in this process.
6:58 pm
>> the fact that democrats have at every turn attempted to restrain the cutting, to restrain the attempt to put a hold on spending, all of that protect constituencies, that will be remembered. >> the one positive about the
6:59 pm
process that you can say, at least from the progressive of -- perspective. the horse trading that went on few years ago. he was not going -- post offices or pork. things that were going to cost taxpayers money. get them support by adding things that were cutting government. which i think is a good thing. >> a.b., last word. 20 seconds. wrap it up. >> i'm going to repeat myself. not one spending bill for next year. they are all going to be out on september 30th. they haven't been passed. they're not prepared. more talk of government shutdowns all fall. big fight at the end of the year when the payroll tax cut fires. >> bret: good to leave on a positive note. thank you, panel. after weeks of not fighting we are not done. you can see the finish line. the house is voting on the debt ceiling agreement. the senate gets its turn. it looks like tuesday: we, of course, we have complete coverage t


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